Gentree G-Cube 98W 12A V-Mount Batteries & Charger

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Gentree 12A High Performance Battery
“GENTREE Shock-proof, Short-proof, Lowest impedance”

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Gentree 98W 12A V-Mount Battery (98Wh) 

  • Biggest power min. 144W can be supplied. ( 12A x 12V = 144W)
  • D-tap has the biggest power also, 12A  144W.
    These days multi D-tap is getting more and more popular, so this 144W D-tap will be enough.
  • Shock-proof, Short-proof, Lowest impedance.

Gentree G-C032 V-Mount Battery Charger

  • Simple and convenient V-mount battery charger
  • 2ch, 3.0A charging simultaneously.

Charging time (16.8V / 3.0A CC.CV mode)

G-B100/98W about 3H 40 M
G-B100/160W about 5 H 30 M
G-B100/195W  about 6 H 30 M
G-B100/290W  about 9 H

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