The Vault Mini

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The Vault Mini


The Vault Mini keeps your camera safe in any dangerous filming or photography situation.


The Vault Mini

The Vault Mini keeps your camera safe in any dangerous filming or photography situation. Get the close-up of an explosion or rig it into a car about to crash. The camera will be protected from any flying debris, dust and drops of water.

Every part is user-replacable

Yes correct, every single part of The Vault Mini is separately purchasable and easily replacable by the user. Just let us know which components have been damaged and we will send you replacements. This way The Vault will stay indefinately reusable.

Ease of use

The crashbox system is robust and easy to use. Mounting the camera into the enclosure is as simple as is gets and the camera package will be securely held from both bottom and top. Swapping the optic acrylic glass is matter of seconds, just undo two bolts and slide out the glass. No need to open the enclosure. The Vault offers countless ways for rigging, there are mutliple 3/8″, M8 and M10 threads on every side.

Integrated electronics

The Vault has integrated battery plate and power distribution system with multiple power In/Out connectors both inside and outside of the enclosure. Two SDI passthrough ports allow you feed the video out without leaving any openings for dust and water to come in. If needed, there is also an opening for any other cables needed. Active cooling system prevents any overheating problems in warmer enviroments.

More Information

The Vault Mini is designed for smaller camera packages. It is perfect for cameras like Red Komodo, Sony FX3, BMPCC6K, Canon R5, Canon C70 ect. The maximum camera package dimenensions are 540mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 250m (height). Swapping lenses is easy through the front window. For bigger camera setups we recommend THE VAULT.

Please note: The Vault is meant to be an enclosure that protects the camera package from any flying debris/ dust/ drops of liquids. It does not offer damping effect from direct hits. Please use the product responsibly, Fookus Pookus will not bear any responsibility for any possible damages.


Outer Dimensions 39 x 33 x 21cm
Net Weight 10kg
Max Camera Package dimensions 54 x 28 x 25cm