Waterbird Systems MS SWIFT S 200

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Waterbird Systems MS SWIFT S 200

While some sliders are curved and others are straight, the Waterbird MS SWIFT S 200 slider, with a travel distance of 170cm (67″), can operate as either a straight or curved track and provides maximum flexibility enabling you to realize creative shots like never seen before.
To curve the track, simply unlock the rails and set the curve radius to fit the desired composition.
Each track segment has its own 3/8″ thread for supporting on stands or tripods. Combined with the mobile App control, the Waterbird MS SWIFT S 200 can be used to record innovative video shoots, time-lapses and timed camera movements.
A Silent BLDC Servo motor with high-speed motion capability and RF control with the Phoenix controller makes the MS SWIFT S your perfect companion when it comes to one-men-operated interview situations or shots where speed matters.

Waterbird Systems MS SWIFT S 200


Combine the small footprint and ultra flexibility of the MS PRO rail (5cm rail distance) with the silence and smoothness of the MS XL

Motorized bendable camera slider system with DMX and app control (iOS and Android)

Including accessory set:

  • mounting chord and mounting screw set
  • No power cable or battery pack included. Power cable optionally available, compatible with standard 24-30V battery packs, optionally available
  • Control possible via own DMX or Ethernet protocol, or Panasonic PTZ control
  • Wired/Wireless joystick and pedal control optionally available via DMX
  • PC program control center software optionally available
  • Bends from straight to curved
  • Length: 200 cm (79 inches)
  • Effective Length: 170cm (67 inches)
  • Rail distance: 5 cm (2 inches)
  • 3/8″ Mounting Threads
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 210 × 21 × 18 cm

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