AutoPod+ Elevation System

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AutoPod+ Elevation System.

Providing a “platform” which is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit for use with PTZ’s, Teleprompters, Gyro remotes, Cameras, Speakers and more.

AutoPod+ (ATP520)

The unit can be used as a standalone system on a music stage, in a studio, in an orchestral pit, behind a goal, within a conference venue, or a remote location such as a golf course or a race track corner; providing an unobtrusive camera position – great for the spectators whilst not interfering with the artistes, musicians, the player’s action, presenters or the sequence being shot.

Each AutoPod elevation unit is supplied with a universal camera mounting plate providing the ideal platform for your chosen object to be mounted to. The system also includes a set of “quick release in-line mounting and locking plates” which enables speedy power and data connections via XLR’s, rapid deployment and also enables the individual units to be stacked upon each other 2 units high providing greater height to be achieved whilst maintaining a low profile.

Additionally, the supplied set of 2x “upstands” can be used to increase elevation height, these are 250mm long and can be stacked accordingly as required.