Telescript 21.5″ IP 1080p Reference Monitor with NDI

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Telescript 21.5″ IP 1080p Reference Monitor with NDI

All monitors are Backlit LED displays, have DC12v/4a power inputs, are battery operable and are made of cool.

Telescript’s IP Prompter Monitors

21.5″ IP 1080p 16×9 Reference Monitor. Inputs: NDI®/NDI® HX, SDI with loop, VGA, HDMI, Composite with Loop & Desktop Stand.

Telescript’s IP Prompter Monitors and our brand new 1080p IP Reference Displays have the power of NDI® along with SDI, Analog, VGA, and HDMI inputs. Our IP monitors are capable of decoding high bandwidth ® signals as well as ® automatically. Other features include Source Select buttons on the monitor itself and a unique tally interface that can track any ® source and output its status via the Tally port on the monitor to a Telescript TallyOne or ClockOne.

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