Craltech Bre4K

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Craltech Bre4K HDMI Quad-Split with 4K Output

Bre4k-MODS is an unique compact Mini Video Processor that allows to load different MODS(Firmwares) and get the most of your Bre4k. Chose one of the MODS (Quad, Switcher/Mixer, Scaler), and upload the system in few minutes.

Craltech Bre4K HDMI Quad-Split with 4K Output

4K HDMI Quad-Split with 4 x HDMI inputs and 1 x HDMI 4K 60/50 Hz output. Audio Level Meters, Clocks, Vectorscope, Waveform,…..

The most powerful & flexible Mini Video Processor on the market.

Professional easy to use 4K HDMI Quad-Split

Display and control 4 x FHD HDMI sources simultaneously on a 4K UHD screen or projector with all professional features. Waveform, Vectorscope, 8 Channel Audio Level meters, Markers, Alarms and UMD. Bre4K is an small 4K HDMI Multiviewer with superior quality image processing engine with low processing delay.

With compact and Lightweight Aluminium design, Bre4K is a fanless and energy-efficient Multiviewer that grant low temperature while working.

Stream your layout and optimize your resources

Use an HDMI to USB adapter to stream your layout through YouTube, Skype, Zoom, Twitch, OBS,….Get the best quality in your live streaming! Bre4K is the best option to stream up to 4 sources simultaneously and optimize your PC resources. Get maximum reliability with a professional hardware based solution!

Connect your HDMI sources from cameras, PC, … and stream them easily. Bre4K includes an Ethernet connector to control it remotely using our user friendly drag and drop Remote Control Software (SNMP compatible)

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