Gentree G-CB100 V-Mount Battery Quick Charger & Power Bank

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Gentree G-CB100 V-Mount Battery Quick Charger & Power Bank

The Gentree G-CB100 measures the voltage inside the battery in 100 steps and reflects it in real time.
This is indicated by 5 LED indicators. When the 5 indicators are turned on, they are displayed in a simplified format, such as 100% state of charge, 99~95%, and 94~90%. Because they do not adopt low-durable displays such as liquid crystal panels, they can cope with shock and temperature changes.

Gentree G-CB100 V-Mount Battery Quick Charger & Power Bank

  • Aluminium body (obtain heat dissipation and EM shut-off effects from aluminum.)
  • high speed charging
  • Anti Overheat
  • 100 levels of indicator
  • Charging :4ch, 6A charging simultaneously.98Wh => Charged at 3A Automatically.Other companies’ battery packs -> Charged at 3A Automatically.
  • Discharging :2ch XLR outlets :If AC input, then 14.4V is discharged from AC power.If AC is disconnected, 14.4V is discharged, 10A sum continuously from battery one by one, if 290Wh used, 290 x 4 = 1160Wh discharged continuously.You can exchange the 100% discharged battery pack with new one, hot swappable.

Charging time (16.8V / 6A CC.CV mode)

G-B100/98W about 3 H
G-B100/160W about 3 H 20 M
G-B100/195W  about 3 H 40M
G-B100/290W  about 4 H 40M


Power max.480W
input  AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz, 8A max.
Output  16.8VDC  6A/ch
Terminal V-MOUNT terminal
Dimension 130 x 155 x 289 mm / 5.1 X 6.1 X 11.4 “
Weight 4 Kg / 8.8 lbs
Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 289 × 130 × 155 cm