ProSup EJib with tie down and 100mm bowl

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ProSup EJib with tie down and 100mm bowl (PS110)

Lighter, smaller, packed in a case and speedy to set-up. All was designed to work with tripods rather than dollies.


  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot point
  • Easy to operate
  • Transport in a minimal size
  • Fits on every 100mm tripod

ProSup EJib with tie down and 100mm bowl (PS110)

The E-jib arm is an ergonomic jib, constructed of high grade Aluminium which has been hard anodised for strength and integrity. Adjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot point to make the unit easy to operate.

The counterweight spindle is made to adapt standard weightlifting weights (Barbell) with a diameter of 30 mm.

The biggest assets of the EJib are the compact packing size inside the Pelicase and its set-up in less than a minute due to as little as 3 components – EJib, tripod locking screw and 100mm bowl. The Pelicase includes a specially designed foam insert which also allows transportations of counter weights of 5kg and 2kg.

Assembled in both over- and undersling configurations for optimum camera positions.

The total weight of the case and E-Jib is 16 kilo. The Jib-arm folds down till 72 cm and weighs no more than 11 kg. The carrying capacity of the EJib is 15kg and its lift range is 162cm. The more you extend your tripod, the higher the EJib’s top position. This means that camera lens heights of approx. 3m can be achieved. If you go upside down just turn the 100mm bowl. Now, the “Undersling” bracket is the ideal accessory for your EJib. Rubber coated weights of 2 x 10kg, 1 x 5kg and 1 × 2kg for the maximum payload of 15kg are recommended. Through fine tuning the EJib will stay in any position – at the very top or bottom!