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Villrich Broadcast talks about Camera Support Equipment

“In this special camera support feature I like to highlight just a few of the manufacturers I have got to known over the years and which I have been working with ever since due to their innovative design and listening ear of what the market needs” says Richard Villhaber.

MovieTech, a German based company specializing in Camera Grip (Camera Cranes, Dollies and Remote Heads) with a history of over 25 years when it comes to supplying professional grip equipment to the broadcast and film industry. MovieTech’ s mission is to find optimal solutions to move the camera and to make work on the set easier by providing highly functional and reliable products.

MovieTech 4×4 Dolly is a lightweight doorway dolly with 2- and 4-wheel steering. The new 4×4 dolly is equipped with numerous features that make it unrivaled in its class. In particular, the new steering concept gives the 4×4 dolly a special advantage – by simply lifting and lowering the push bar, you can switch from 2 to 4-wheel steering in no time at all. A robust gear made of stainless steel ensures reliable and problem-free switching even after many years of use on the set. Both the handlebar and the push bar can be mounted on either end of the dolly.

Another highlight of the new 4×4 dolly is the presence of versatile and numerous attachment points for accessories, such as turnstiles, seat arms, side shells, tripod adapters and much more. The new quick-release pins also enable extremely short set up times.

The 4×4 dolly allows a tools-free switch from pneumatic of various sizes wheels to track wheels.

Waterbird, an international manufacturer and provider of Sliders is pleased to introduce the Multi Slider XL. A fully integrable, bendable rail system for professional concert and studio applications. The patented MSXL is the world’s first and only bendable rail and tracking system that enables fast conversion from linear to curved tracks, ensures quick and easy setup and allows compact transportation. The super quiet Servo Motor driven carriage can be controlled by Joystick, Foot-Pedal, DMX or IP.

The MSXL delivers perfect solutions for events like concerts and sports, studios, cinematography, photogrammetry, face-scanning or rigging systems. The flexibility, fast and easy handling has made it a popular choice for different industrial and security applications besides the film industry.

Wherever a combination of movement, flexibility and accuracy is required, it is the MSXL that meets the respective demands.

Since 2019 the MSXL is successfully on Tour with live acts such as BON JOVI, METALLICA and RAMMSTEIN.

Due to its very quiet motion, it absolutely satisfies producers of Violin and Orchestra Concerts.

The range of usability definitely includes sport events, like the French Open Grand Slam Tournament, where the MSXL already performed in 2020.

In 2021 the MSXL was used at The Oscars Academy Awards.

ProSup, was founded in 2000 has been the inventor and manufacturer of the E-Jib, Laptop Dolly and Tango Roller. Since its foundation Prosup has become a well-known high-quality specialist in the design and manufacture of lightweight constructions for professional camera support.

The legendary Tango Roller is known for its smooth, vibration-free operation on endlessly extendible track segments. This unsurpassed sliding movement can now be electronically controlled by the Tango Electronic Drive (TED).

The multi-functional DynaStick is linked via cable to the TED main unit and masters speed, acceleration, deceleration, end stops and position/move programming. An input for a foot pedal or an external joystick is also built in.

As a guide rail for the motor unit, Prosup chose the precision of a gear rack for their new TED. The gear rack with its utmost precise toothing is manufactured in-house and works with all existing Tango track lengths. Transitions are seamless and as smooth as the Tango track itself. It obviously also fits all existing Tango camera tracks so that it could be retrofitted to the many units in the field.

The motor and drive unit are mounted off a special 100mm bowl mount. The 24V / 60W brushless motor can easily move 15kg of camera load at top speed. Due to the super precise gear rack of this electronic camera slider the slowest speed can hardly be seen.

To power the unit, standard V mount batteries (10.8V – 30V) can be used. Customized solutions like remote control of the TED, camera link connection of BLE position data outputs is possible. Of course, the TED can be disengaged at any time, so that you can use your Tango manually.

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